Impact Hub & the Sustainable Development Goals

Keynote | 30 min | Deutsch

Sa | 15:30 | Hammerbrooklyn

Are you curious to learn about the mission of the Impact Hub Hamburg? Have you heard about the Sustainable Development Goals, but nor sure what it is about? Join us for an exciting exchange around the importance of impact partnerships, and how to use the power of building bridges for good!

Jose Saldana

Jose Saldana (Impact Hub Hamburg)

Co-founder and co-managing director Impact Hub Hamburg

Born in Barcelona, I worked around the world for 9 years, from Denmark, to Chile, the US and Germany. I was involved in different corporations, from wind power manufacturing at Vestas to being a management consultant supporting clients in optimizing their cost structures.

Co-funding the Impact Hub Hamburg allows me to use my experience from the corporate world, to create the social, environmental and economical impact I believe is right.